Heart Touching Love Quotes Top 30 Most Heart Touching Quotes on him & her

Heart touching love quotesTop 30 heart touching love quotes who are loved and lost and that is to be read when you are feeling alone. The following love failure quotes are not for the happy kind, they are for the desolate souls who are experienced the most painful feeling which received from a person.

The following quotes are exactly suits to a desolate soul.  Here are some love failure quotes that are truly relatable to who are in sad.

One day my feelings will die and I forget you

Just because we aren’t talking doesn’t mean I wont miss you

Fall for the soul the faces has betrayed many

I miss the old me who was happy with out you

You self respect has to be stronger than your feelings

One day my feelings will die and I forget you

I am sorry ! i loved you unconditionally

May be i loved you too much too soon

And then we never saw each other again

We can delete chats and photos but nor memories

I will be there when no one will be

The road to success is always under construction

All it takes one song to bring thousands of memories

You hurt me more than you loved me

One person can make you feel a lot

Why is it so hard to be happy

You are a memory that i remember every day

I trusted you but you but you make me stupid

I just cant take this shit anymore

I am just afraid of losing you

Greatful people are beautiful people

Seeing you happy is all i want

Tell me you are when you get jealous

I killed a part of me to keep you alive

Strangers we are again strangers

It hurts more when you ignore rather than being angry

You are a memory that I remember every day


“khushee kee yaatra, svaamitv, sampaadan, pahana ya upabhog nahin kiya ja sakata hai. khushee, har minat pyaar, anugrah aur krtagyata ke saath rahane ka ek aadhyaatmik anubhav hai. ”

sundar hone ka arth hai svayan ka hona. aapako doosaron ko sveekaar karane kee aavashyakata nahin hai. aapako khud ko sveekaar karana hoga. apane aap ko ek aisee duniya mein hona jahaan aap lagaataar kuchh aur karane kee koshish kar rahe hain, yah ek badee upalabdhi hai. 

“khushee aap ya aap kaun hain par nirbhar nahin karata hai. yah keval is baat par nirbhar karata hai ki aap kya sochate hain. ”

“kabhee-kabhee hamaaree pareeksha lee jaatee hai. hamaaree kamajoriyon ko dikhaane ke lie nahin, balki hamaaree taakat ka pata lagaane ke lie.”