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Hello friends. We had gathered get well soon quotes for you today. We all have to wish someone or the other on get well soonSpeedy recovery messages, get well soon quotes are the more searched term in google. Have a look at the quotes and just copy and send it to your near and dear ones.

1.You 🤒are in my  thoughts dear and prayers _during you # time of @recovery. get well soon

2. I wish ­_It was a magician ^so I could^ make you_ fit and healthy with @the help of🤒 god.

3. As 🤒the sun rises this morning, ^ ^ may you rise from every_ sickness and be_ whole again. Get well soon dear. Don’t worry ; you are not in@ this alone. You will get through this in a short time 🤒??. Get well soon and Please bounce 🤒back soon@ and come back to us🤒. Lyf is

With 🤒gud wishes@ and prayers that^^ you get well_ soon.

4. I hope🤒 this get well@ wsh brings a smile to your face^^. You are too??? beautiful to be_ feeling down.

5. It🤒 has not been easy for**me since I heard you were not ^feeling fine. I send you this msg🤒 to @let you know I’m thinking of you and hope you_ will get better soon; ^^wishing you fast?? return to@health🤒.

6. I was ^^saddened when I **heard u were ill*** here??I brought u a ^^bouquet of *rich flowery red rose as a sign_ of my love❤️ and @strong hope 🤒 for u r_ health and **happiness and get well soon dear 🤒.

7. May the prayers and blessings of good_ health I am @sending with these flowers^^ make your strong and healthy soon_ Get well soon 🤒.

8. We are _so eagerly waiting@  to have you @back with us and arise and shine and bounce back to life. We?? wish you quick return to 🤒 health.

9. I am 🤒heartbroken when I heard that your ill health!.

And I wish🤒 you speedy recovery so we can^^ enjoy? 🤒 our lives together._ Fell better soon 🤒.

10. I miss your 🤒laughter ***and your vibrancy. Wishing^^you a fast _recovery 🤒.get well soon dear.

11. I 🤒 wish I had a magic@ wand with which I*** can call u  up_ from u r  sick bed^^ but I don’t,^^ so I pray for u everyday _to get well soon 🤒.


12. As 🤒 I close my*** eyes_ to pray every night, my only^^ prayer request is that @God will heal .get well soon 🤒.

13. you???speedily for me 🤒. I wish you quick recovery dear 🤒!feel better soon.

14. Look outside 🤒; the @sun is shining 🤒and it’s telling??? ^^you to get well_ soon 🤒.

15. The most 🤒 important*** thing in 🤒 illness is never^^ to lose heart🤒 and don’t worry. Our prayers are _with you????????????. Fell Better Soon 🤒.

16. Everyone is@ itching to see your 🤒 lovely face around here again 🤒, so get up and^^exercise your bones._ Fell better soon dear 🤒.

17. All the 🤒 best @and get ^^better soon_ friend 🤒!

??????????Best wishes.*** I hope that you????????’re back^^ in the swing very_ soon.

18. I🤒 will not stop*** burning my nyt  candles until I see the light^^ back in yours@ and the smile back on ur _face. Fell good soon🤒.

19. I am🤒 sending u a #of  lorry@ load of ^ gud wishes and ^^blessings@ for ur quick _recovery🤒.

20. We🤒 hope you feel*** better bcz we^^ miss u so _much and feel better soon🤒.


21. I pray🤒 for u  every day and will***keep praying till the sickness leaves the way @it came🤒.^^ u r always in my prayers_ and feel better🤒 soon.

22. While u🤒 rest and recover,^^ I’ll be next to you praying^^ and hoping@ for a smooth and_ quick recovery🤒.

23. Everyday🤒, I think abt hw  much*** joy we derived from plyng nd ^^doing things^^ together. Vt out u , _there@ can be no joy and no fun. Get well soon🤒.

24.I am 🤒sending you healing thoughts vth*** all the lvu in my ❤️ vth the hope ^^that you are ????????much better today._ Fell good soon🤒.

25. I wsh🤒 you well a 100 times  in a day…. In my ❤️.*and blossoming. It🤒 is nature’s way of @ telling you# to get better_ soon and _blossom🤒.

26. 🤒 Fell better soon so^^you can once again experience all the fun and@delight that life has to offer🤒.

27. Sending🤒 you the_ brightest wishes@ to say,^^ hope you fell better🤒 soon.

28. As u 🤒travel the path_ of recuperation, I wish you comfort, care _and speedy🤒 healing and feel@ better🤒.

29. 🤒 I hope each new ^day @brings you  _closer to a full and @speedy 🤒 recovery.

30. When🤒 u r  feeling ***unwell, my ❤️ feels sad.^^ I hope you fell_ gud soon.

31. I am sending u***my  warmest prayers with all the _ lvu and care in my ❤️ _Fell better soon🤒.

32.Wish 🤒you quick^^ recovery. Get well _dear.

33. Please know that** I am thinking of u^^a lot of time, hoping _for u r fast recovery 🤒.

34. We🤒 all take***our own pace in^^ life. Healing is not a _race! Get well soon🤒.

35.Sending you peace***and❤️, and^^ wishing you a _speedy recovery!

36. I🤒 have taken the***pledge to stand by u r 🤒 sick bed ^^till you are strong again._ Fell good soon🤒!

37.I hope you*** are doing well^^ and feeling much better_ than tomorrow🤒.

 38. May🤒 God give you the ***energy to recover@ fast from^^ the accident. Get well _soon, my friend🤒.

39.There is no need*** to feel sad😔, because you @would ^^soon become healthy._ Get well soon, my dear friend.

40. I🤒 hope that # your sickness goes^^ away soon and_ never returns🤒.

41. You🤒 are a superhuman. Don’t worry you will be healthy ^^in a day or two._ Get well soon🤒!

42. Sending 🤒lots of prayers^^ to God for your ^^instant  recovery. Get_ well better😷!

43.I hope! you get a_magical medicine^^which catalyses**your recovery. Get well_ soon baby!

44.Sending a @special ***prayer to God for your instant^^ recovery. 🤒 Hope you get well_ really soon dear!

45.May the angels of God*** visit your sick bed🤒 and take^^ your sickness away. _Get well better!

46. I wish I had @a magic wand to*** take your sickness away as I really^^ want you to recover! _fast. Get well soon🤒!!!

47. Just like me germs too*** find you irresistible@ hunny^^ bunny. Hope to see you good._ get well soon babe!!

48. No🤒 sickness can keep** you down for long. Praying for ^^your fast recovery._ Get well soon🤒!

49.🤒Home is not home without^^ you. Get well  _and come back soon!!

50. Drink 🤒plenty of water,**  eat lots of fruits and ^^recover  fast. Get_ well soon honey.

51. Your🤒 absence is creating^^ a vacuum within my heart❤️. Praying ^^for your speedy  recovery, _get well soon darling and miss you🤒!!

52. All🤒 that’s missing in my life is you. Get well and come^^ home soon buddy!! C u soon.

53. The 😷 wishes, kisses, prayers and a large  bouquet^^ of u r favorite _flowers… all for you…. Get well soon😷!

54.All that’s missing*** in my lyf is u. Get well nd^^ come home soon buddy!! miss you😷!!

55. All 😷 that’s missing*** in my lyf is u. Get well and ^^come_ home soon _buddy!! miss u😷.

56. Office is not*** the same without u boss. Please^^ come^^ back. Hoping _to see you soon!! 😷

57. Praying😷 very hard^^ for u rquick recovery and**gud health. Get well_ soon_ Boss😷!

58.Your😷 guidance,^^ support  and instructions are@being missed deeply. Get well _soon hero😷!!

59. I🤒 wish every day*** your strength grows, u ^^ become happier and healthier. Get well dear🤒!!

60.Develop 🤒a positive*** sphere^^around you, and ^^recover faster. Get well🤒.


61. Get 🤒a life and  experience delights, look only^^ at the bright side. U r_ recovering dear. Get well soon🤒!!

62. I felt so ❤️broken ***after hearing@ about your ill health. ^^ May the positive vibes_ and gud wishes be with u🤒.

63. U🤒 are in***my thoughts and prayers during^^ u r time of_ recovery🤒.

64. I🤒 hate to*** see u feeling blue so here is^^ my get well_ wish to u c good🤒.

65. I wish u a ^^really quick recovery. Hope^^ you become u_amazing self again🤒.

66. Drink plenty*** of fluid and_ get lots of rest^^ so you can _recover soon🤒.

67.This 🤒collection of 25 perfect get*** well soon msgs for a boss will remind them of how^^ imp their role is in_ u r professional lyf🤒.

68. 🤒I am sending_ this message to wish u_  quick recovery and gud health as @ u get back very soon in the^^ swing. We_ all miss you deeply🤒.

69.Boss🤒, u have always been a true*** friend, mentor and a great leader^^. We miss u r presence,@ please get well_ really soon🤒.

70. 🤒If getting ill was your way of making ***us realize u r  value in the office,^^ your target has been achieved. Please get well and come_back _soon🤒.


71. U 🤒are best leader and ***the greatest boss an employee can get. We need you^^ to perform_ our very best. We will pray for u rquicker recovery🤒.

72.We 🤒may not hit a home run with ***our clients because _our captain is currently^^ sitting injured ^^on the sidelines. We pray for a speedy recovery🤒.

73. 🤒 It’s been a while since you*** have been away from office due to u_ r illness. I sincerely hope ^^that you may recover quickly. U r presence nd_ guidance is important for all of us here🤒.

74.U have the knack of **having u r ^^ way with people. I’m sure you???? will do the^^ same with your illness. Get well_ soon _boss🤒.

75. We🤒 were sad to hear about your*** illness. Please get well soon!! We are grateful that^^ u are our boss and we_ are all missing u🤒.

76. 🤒U never take a day off, u never take sick leaves, you stay in^^ the office till ***late and you even pop in on weekends. Maybe your illness is life’s way to @remind. U to take a break and spend time with family_ and friends. Get well soon boss🤒.

77. Dear🤒 boss, u  have always_ been known for your tough personality. Nothing @ can^^ come in-between u  and a_ speedy recovery. Get well soon🤒.

78. U 🤒r absence has made*** itself clr around here, the days around the_ office are so boring @vthout u! We can’t_ wait to🤒 have_ u back 2 end our misery. Get well soon🤒!!

79.Like u, we hope that u r🤒 *** germs too are punctual enough to leave^^ u  r body in due time. Get well _soon boss!!🤒.

80.Dull, dreary, insipid _that**is what our office has become in u r  absence. Colorful, fun, exciting – that is what our office_ generally becomes with u r presence. Get well_ soon🤒.


81. 🤒No sickness is strong*** enough to survive ????in the body of the strongest.^^ boss  in the world. Get well_ soon🤒.

82. Doing 🤒your job has*** made us realize that we still have a long . ^^way to make it big. Get well _soon🤒.

83. I wish u a really*** quick recovery hope???????? U become.^^ your amazing_ self again🤒.

84. many loving caring ***thoughts???? R  with .^^u as you _recover🤒.

85.we r missing ***u  lost at work wishing u a speedy.^^ recovery and looking forward _to having you back soon🤒.

86. 🤒here ‘s hoping*** this little get^^ well wish will.^^ give your spirits a_ great big lift🤒.

87.I 🤒hope u r *** feeling better I???? miss u every day I am always _thinking of u  so this is what_ I say get well soon🤒  .

88. 🤒sending my warmest*** hugs and wishes may@regain ^^your strength and _feel better soon🤒.

89. I am 🤒sending you*** my ❤️ and warmth in this card^^ to tell you to get **well soon things will be_ alright don’t worry take care of u r self🤒!!

90. Sickness comes at  a point in time it ^^will also go at a^^ point don’t feel 2 bad because_ time heals  every_ wound. get well🤒!!

91. 🤒god’ speed and*** guidance I send to you as you get to recovery ^^ I wish you the very best_ get well soon🤒.!!

92.dava🤒 mile #doctor se sath mile apno*** se khushiya mile jag se???? rehmat mile rab pyar mile sab.^^ se yehi dua hai rab se_ ki tum theek ho jayo fatt se🤒 get well!!

93. Get 🤒well soon ***take a little nap sip a little tea here.^^ a little kiss lots of love ????_from me dee  texider. Get well!! 🤒

94. 🤒but so please*** accept this card that is filled^^sincere^^ wishes for a _speedy recovery!! 🤒

95.I🤒 wish I had*** a magic wand that would.^^ instantly make you_ feel better!!get well🤒.

96. 🤒we miss*** u  and wish u ^^ a speedy _recovery🤒!!!get well🤒.

97. in  my_ thoughts and prayers. I^^ wish_ U  well🤒.

98. I sending*** u gud _healthy ^^vibnes ! @get well soon🤒.

99. wishing 🤒u a**speedy recovery_ please. let me know if there ‘s_ anything I can do to help🤒 get well.

100.U 🤒  are so*** brave during this^^ time^^ please_ get well soon🤒!!


101. 🤒Thinking about  u ^^every day ^^feel better_ soon🤒!

102.I🤒 hope you*** feel the love we have for u.  get_ well soon🤒 !

103. Sleep 🤒riches** nd health@ 2 be^^ truly enjoyed must_  be _interrupted🤒

104.At every moment of*** our existence u_ r  present to us.god^^ in gentle_ compassion .get well🤒.

105.Help us to be*** present 2 one another so that our presence^^may be a strength that _heals the@ wounds of time .get well🤒.

106.The🤒 art of medicine*** consists of@ amusing the patient^^ while nature cures_ the disease. get well dear🤒.

107.??????you’ll realize who*** ‘s really there.^^ for you when???? you’_re at your worst your*** friend _even if you don’t  ^^support their _situation .

109. Misunderstading*** is the worst enemy^^of human_ relationships. get well🤒.

110.if🤒 someone stays by u r side***through u r worst time  they r the ones^^ who deserve to be with u  through_ u r best times. get well🤒.