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Hey all Bike Riders!! Nice to see you here. I know that you have come here to read some interesting caption for bike Lovers. We all love to ride bikes. Some of us like to ride bikes very speed. People enjoy bike riding the most when the speed is more than 150. There is a saying “Life starts at 30, but, Biker enjoys life at 150 Speed”

Bike lovers will show their love by keeping the status. Best caption for bike lovers are given below for all the bike lovers

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  • ✅✅Don’t ride a ✅✅bike to add more ^^days to your life. ride a Bike like you ✅✅stole it
  • ✅✅some_^where ^inside oll off us is the *power to change the ✅✅world.
  • ✅✅life is like ^^riding a _bicycle to keep your ✅✅balance you must *keep ^moving. the ✅✅only time you should ever ✅✅✅✅look ^back is to see how far U hve ^^came.
  • ✅✅a boy once told me i ^^raced like a *girl I told him if he was ✅✅fastr he could too ride or ^^die.
  • ✅✅don’t know if it is ^^illegal to be ✅✅✅✅handsome and ^^ride a *bike but whatever,I live **dangerously.


  • the only ^reason i go to ✅✅work is because i like ^^cycle there.
  • ✅✅✅✅I do not ride a ^^bike to ^^add **days to my lyfe. I ✅✅ride a ^^bike to ✅✅add life to ^✅✅my **✅✅days.
  • ✅✅the ^^mobile ✅✅✅✅device that charges you.
  • the only reason i go to work is ^^because i like **cycling there.
  • ✅✅If it is imp to u ,you will find a way.
  • If not, you find an ^^excuse.
  • ✅✅✅✅If you never ^^owned one you never understand.
  • ✅✅The best **friends to have are those that want **nothing for but your ^^company.
  • ✅✅dirt^^ is my ***makeup, ^^race **fuel is my perfume.
  • ✅✅life is like riding a bicycle:^^you dont fall *off unless you stop ✅✅pedalling.


  • ✅Life ain’t always ✅✅beautiful, but it’s a ✅✅beautiful ^ride
  • ✅✅The ^truth is you don’t ✅✅✅✅know what is going to happen ^^tomorrow✅✅
  • ✅✅My life has been a gift up to this ^^point, and I’ve been ✅✅✅✅blessed beyond my ^^wildest imagination. …
  • ✅✅I really love to ride my ✅✅motorcycle✅✅.
  • ✅✅Success is like a wild ✅✅horse. If you do ^^^not ***know ✅✅how to ^^✅✅handle it, it will ^^✅✅throw you off and ✅✅✅✅look for _^*✅✅another ^^^rider who can **✅✅handle it __well.
  • ✅✅The most **^^important thing is to have a good ✅✅**^relationship with the bike. you have to ^^understand ^what *she **wants
  • ✅✅Maybe the *bike is more ^^dangerous, _^but the ^^^*passion ✅✅for the ✅✅✅✅car for me is ✅✅second to the ✅✅bike.


  • ✅✅Night is my time…am not a ^^vampire but I am a ^*^Night ✅✅Rider….! You can’t buy ✅✅happiness but you can buy bikes and that’s kind of the same thing!
  • I look my best when I take my ✅✅helmet off after a long ✅✅motorcycle ride. ✅✅I have a ✅✅glow and a ^*_bit of ✅✅helmet hair.
  • ✅✅Life ain’t ^*always *^beautiful, but it’s a *^beautiful ride.
  • ✅✅I think the^ *thing to do is ✅✅enjoy the ^^ride _while you’re on it*.
  • ✅✅Never *ride faster than your #guardian a✅✅ngel can *fly.
  • ✅✅Can live without a ✅✅lot of things in my life ^*but ^^Bike is not one of them.
  • ✅✅When speed gets in the ✅✅✅✅blood, one must ^^drive to live.
  • ✅✅✅✅Everyone crashes. ^^^Some get back on. Some don’t. **^Some can’t.
  • ✅✅✅✅Four wheels move the body. ✅✅Two wheels ^^move the soul.
  • ✅✅Sometimes it takes a **whole ^^tankful of fuel before you can think straight.
  • ✅✅I can think. I can sleep. ✅✅I can move. I can ride my bike. I can ✅✅dream.
  • ✅✅Ride as much or as ^^little, or as long or as **short as you feel. **But ride.
  • ✅✅I just love the ^^rumble of a **motorcycle **engine as it’s ^^cruising down the road ✅✅especially when I’m on it✅✅.
  • ✅✅Have fun, ^_*be active. Ride a bike ✅✅instead
  • of driving, for ^*_example.✅✅Bike to work, bike to play, bike
  • ^^**tomorrow, bike *^_today!
  • ✅✅Night is my **time…am not a ✅✅✅✅vampire *but I am a Night ^*_Rider…


  • ✅✅You can’t buy ✅✅✅✅happiness but you can ✅✅buy bikes and that’s ^_kind of the same ^_thing!
  • ✅✅I don’t ✅✅really feel like going for a ^*_ride today. ✅✅Said no *^_motorcycle *rider *^ever.
  • ✅✅✅✅When you’re ^wearing a ^_motorcycle ✅✅✅✅helmet, ✅✅people don’t know ✅✅^who you are. ✅✅^So I just ^*__wander around and, yeah, it’s *^pretty
  • ^*_awesome.
  • ✅✅✅✅I don’t ^_really feel like ^_going for a ride ^^today. Said no motorcycle rider ever.
  • ✅✅✅✅Faster, ^^^faster, ^^^faster, until the ^*_thrill of ^^speed ✅✅✅✅overcomes the fear of ^^^death.
  • ✅✅✅✅If I weren’t doing ✅✅what I’m doing ✅✅today…
  • ✅✅✅✅I’d be ^^_traveling around the ✅✅world on the back of a motorcycle


mujhe apanee baik kee un khoobasoorat aankhon ko dekhana bahut pasand hai.

kabhee-kabhee aapako bas ek baik kee aavashyakata hotee hai aur yah akelepan ko chodane ke lie paryaapt hai.

ek giyar girao aur gaayab ho jao.

kathin savaaree karen is duniya ko bataen ki aap kaun hain.

yah is baare mein nahin hai ki aap kya savaaree karate hain balki aap ise kaise chalaate hain.

hamen tejee se aage badhana chaahie kyonki daud samay ke khilaaph hai.

saphalata kee raah par koee gati seema nahin hai.

Bike stunt quotes

  • ✅✅Momma ^^didn’t raise any ****fool, _she put me ^^^in foster care.
  • ✅✅Man, when I’m ^^riding with the +*^_helmet on, **I’m **^invisible. And people just ✅✅deal with ✅✅me as the ^^^guy on the ***bike… it ✅✅gives you a chance to read **them^^.
  • ✅✅My prince ^*_charming doesn’t ride a ✅✅horse…he rides ***wheelies.
  • ✅✅You don’t know how *^_good you are until you ✅✅actually get out on a ^^bike and **get ✅✅riding.
  • ✅✅My first car was a ^^^motorcycle.
  • ✅✅Bikes don’t leak oil they ✅✅✅✅mark their ^^territory.
  • ✅✅If everything seems under ^*_control, you’re ✅✅not going fast ^^_enough.
  • ✅✅Why can’t a ^^bike stand on ✅✅its own? ^^^Because it is two-tiered.
  • ✅✅I enjoy going on ✅✅✅✅motorcycle trips ^^and ^^**stopping in small ✅✅towns and **enjoying _^*drinks with the ^^locals