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Namita Agarwal is a popular Odia singer from India. Namita Agarwal completed her graduation from Cuttack. Furthermore, she started getting formal training in Odissi, Chhanda, and Champu at the age of eight by Guru Sri Akhil Kumar Lenka. Her ancestral origins are from the Nemala region, which is the divine land of Saint Achyutanand Das. So, as she inherited their cultural legacy, her affection for religiosity and spiritual devotion started at the early age of five.

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She learned to sing the traditional Jagannath Jananas from her elder grandfather, Late Kashinath Das, and her younger grandfather, Late Dasarathi Das. Namita Agarwal has given a huge contribution to Odia Devotional songs, Odia Puranas, Odia Bhagabata, Traditional Odia Bhajans, Modern Songs, and Film Songs. In the year 1992, Namita Agarwal got married to Sitaram Agrawal, who is the co-founder of the music company JE Cassettes.

She revived the rare, ancient and powerful Laxmi Purana, an integral part of Odia culture which was fast fading.

After that, Namita Agarwal gave birth to twin sons in 1993 and named them Sidharth and Sarthak. As she belonged to a family of legendary singers, she learned and received formal music training from her home musical gurus, namely Kumari Niroj Nalini Kuanr, Sri Ramani Ranjan Jena, and Sri Bishwanath Rao, and Sri Harmohan Khuntia.

About Namita Agarwal

Namitha Agarwal is an orthodox singer. She sings hymns under the name Namita and modern and film music under the name Nivedita. Namita Agarwal legendary Odisha Singer Wiki, Biography, Height, Weight, Age, Husband, Family, Wallpapers, Bhajan, and More – All information about the legendary singer of Odisha, Namita Agrawal. The visitors can get an in-depth overview of her life, starting from her family background, music career, unique work, lesser-known facts, rare photos, video links of her interviews, and milestone creations, as well as her YouTube channel links. The visitors also have the option of listening to her best creations from all genres.

Namita Agarwal Specification Namita Agarwal Details
Real Name Namita Das (Namita Agarwal)
Nick Name Namita
Zodiac sign Aquarius
Profession Singer, Producer
Date of Birth 1st February 1969
Age 52 (As of 2021)
Birthplace Cuttack, Odisha
Religion/Caste Hindu
Language is known Odia, Hindi, English
Hobbies Traveling, reading, singing
Interested In Men
Popular for Various Odia songs
Family Name Agrawal
Sibling Sitaram Agrawal
Mother Tongue Odia/Hindi
Nationality Indian
Music Labels Namita Agrawal, Sidharth TV, Sidharth Music
Namita Agarwal Wikipedia Chart

Namita Agarwal Birth, family and education

Namitha was born on February 1, 1969, in Tutsipur, Cuttack. His father was Lakshmidhar Das and his mother was Annadamanjari Das. He was the third child of his parents. His native village is Nemal. At the age of 5, he learned to sing the traditional hymns of Jagannath from his elder grandfather Kashinath Das and younger grandfather Dasharathi Das.

Namita Agarwal Personal life 

Namitha married sound engineer Sitaram Agarwal in 1992. Agarwal along with his father J.E. Established a company and used to produce Odiyaan songs. After her marriage to Sitaram Agarwal, Namita Das became known as Namita Agarwal.

Namita Agarwal Career

At the age of ten, he formally began learning Odissi music, chhand , champu from music gurus such as Akhil Kumar Lenka, Niroj Nalini Coor, Tarani Ranjan Jena and Vishwanath Rao . Later he joined J.V.S. Rao and learned Hindustani classical music from Deepak Basu, Nitai Sinha, Sugam music from Sunak Sahu, and Odissi music from Harmohan Khuntia.

At the age of ten, he started singing as a child artiste at the Akashkabi Cuttack Center and joined Akashkabi as a recognized artiste in 1986 at the age of 16. From 1989, he started singing in home studios apart from singing.

She has gifted Odisha with both audio and video of 367 skandas of Sampurna Odia Bhagabata written by Shri Balaram Das

@Namita Agarwal

In 1992, his first hymn cassette ‘ Ajhtiya Kalia ‘ was released. In 1993 , he also sang Balaram Daskrat Lakshmipuran and about one hundred devotional songs written by other old Odiyan poets under the title of Heart Song. Among them, Jagannath, the enslaved Odian Bhagwat, is one of them.

Apart from Oriya, he has sung Sanskrit hymns and hymns. Among these , Govinda Damodar’s hymn is noteworthy.

She has sung modern and film under the pseudonym Nivedita. In 1996 , his first modern cassette was released. In 2009, he sang for the first time in the movie ( Akshe Ki Rang Chhai ).

Agarwal has performed in some of his hymns. He is the co-founder of 91.9 Siddharth FM, Siddharth TV , Siddharth Music and Sarvab Music . He worked as a judge on some music-based programs like Voor Odshaar .

Namita Agarwal  Sampurna Bhagabata

Namita Agarwal Sampurna Bhagabata

Atibadi Jagannath Das’s Sampurna Bhagabata is a timeless creation of Odia Literature and as a day-to-day philosophical guide, has a great influence on every Odia. Srimad bhagabata by Atibadi Jagannath Das is the most popular sacred book in every odia house, and people read/listen to one adhyaya of this book every day in the evening. Also many listen to it through Bhagwat Week, Parayan and Hari Hat. Namita Agrawal is the only artist who sang the huge volume of the whole Bhagabata( 12Skandas – 367 Adhyayas) after five years of assiduous practice, which is an all-time precious gift for every Odia.

Namita Agarwal Sampurna Laxmi Purana

In Odisha, Lakshmi Purana is an ancient sacred text which is a must in every Odia household and is used to worship and invoke the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. Especially in the Hindu month of Margasirsha, women perform a special one-month-long Lakshmi Puja. Lakshmi Puja or Mana osha is celebrated weekly on every Thursday of that month, and the women worship Mother Lakshmi with all rituals, reading the sacred book of Laxmi Purana written by renowned poet of late 15th century, Balarama Das, who was one among the Panchasakhas.

Namita Agrawal created history by singing for the first time the Laxmi Purana along with popular singer Geeta Dash, thus making it alive again. The video and audio of Laxmi Purana released in 1993 is played even now in every Odia household.After she sang Laxmi Purana, many other singers did the same and this propagated this rare ancient work further.

Namita Agarwal Hrudayara Gita

During 15th to17th century AD, poets like Sarala Das, Bhakta Salabega, Balaram Das etc had created magical devotional song lyrics, and 500 years down the line, their songs still carved a niche in the hearts of every Odia, proving that their creations are truly ageless.

50 years ago, many popular singers had sung the bhajans but the recording techniques were not advanced that time, and hence the availability of those songs were scarce. In past 30 years, singers didn’t express much interest in singing it, due to the complexity of the song structure, which contains a variety of Odissi, Champu, Chhanda & classical composition. For the first time, Namita Agrawal recorded all the 100 top Timeless Bhajans in proper stereophonic sound quality keeping the original feel and virginity of the instruments.

It was readily appreciated by the Odia masses because of the finest rendering and voice quality of Namita Agrawal. And every year, during 9 days of Car Festival Event, many songs of this series are played by the Puri Temple Administrator in the Public Address system of the temple which is specially installed from Singhadwar to Gundicha Temple.

Since the words and the Music always touches the heart, no matter who hears it or when it is heard, hence the name “Hrudayara Gita” was given to it.

Namita Agarwal YouTube Channel

Every morning Namita Agrawal’s bhajans, slokas, puranas & mantras can be heard playing in every temple of Odisha, and almost every Odia has woken up in the morning to her melodious tone. She is the only singer who sang 367 Adhyayas of “Sampurna Odia Bhagabata” written by Atibadi Jagannath Das. She has created a rare milestone by singing 100 traditional Bhajans & Jananas which are most popular in Odisha for decades. Her best contribution to Odisha is “Laxmi Purana”, “Sampurna Odia Bhagabata” & “Shree Jagannath Sahasranama”. This official channel is enriched with all bhajans, mantras, slokas & Puranas rendered by her. She started her professional singing in 1990 & is still active in creating new melodious devotional bhajans.

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Namita Agarwal Roles in cartoons

Namita Agarwal As a singer

  • Abhimanyu (2009)
  • Dory in Time (2700)
  • Pink Pink (2015)]

Namita Agarwal Album

  • Bhakti sandalwood
  • Lakshmi Purana
  • rope

Namita Agarwal Projects

  • There’s Something In Us (2010)
  • Mr. Kanhaiya

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