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Patience is our best friend in our life journey because if we have patience, we can find what we want.

There should be a mantra in the life of every person… Mantra can be amazing! Then it should be the mantra of worshiping God, be it a service or a goal of life!

If there are two fans in the hall of someone’s house, one of which runs frequently and the same becomes dirty with dust, while the one which is not moving remains clean, praising the same clean looking fan coming from outside which It does not say that this fan…

8 mantras of happy life if you worship – learn to believe before you speak – learn to listen before you spend – learn to earn before writing – learn to understand before you give up – learn to try again before building a relationship – learn to die Before – live freely…

If the hunger of the stomach showed all the colors to life, then the hunger of the stomach could lift the stones.

Life is a game, if you play it like a player, you can win but if you look like a spectator, you can just clap or be sad but never win !!

Live the life that is with you, this life is not capable of trust!

The only similarity is that the kite and life are at high altitude only till the time they wow!

No school or university teaches the lesson in life that teaches an empty stomach, empty pockets and bad times!

Live a little LIFE, live with the heart of the swan, live with the sorrow of the whole heart, live for yourself, live for your loved ones!

Of course, take advantage of every opportunity in life, but not the circumstances and helplessness of anyone!

He who knows to mold himself according to every situation comes to the art of living life!

Let’s celebrate life like this! Some remember good, some forget bad! Today’s precious idea!

Half the sorrows are from expecting the wrong people and the rest from doubting the true people!

Do not make so many mistakes in life that rubber is worn before pencil!

The truth of life !! Keeping your own business is the hardest thing in the world!

Patience: – Will always increase your confidence, perseverance: – You will definitely reach the destination, every moment of life is valuable, do not let it pass, but live it alive .. !!

There was a mesh roof in the complexities of his life, what a small land, everyone remembers God!

Ever read the struggle like this, “company + happiness” will change the world again… !!

Do not wish for easy life, but pray that… you have the strength to face the difficulties of life… !!

Some traveling are like life, in which heart is tired, not feet .. !!

Life goes out in search of… what is finding? In the end… the search is reduced to the comfort that… what I found, where to take it with me too !!

Lies are a strange thing too !! Everyone loves to speak and everyone loves to hear !!

Never forget the three people in life! 1. The one who helps in trouble 2. The one who leaves in trouble 3. The one who is in trouble.
How happy you are in life is not important… rather important is how many people are happy because of you

How is life going? Everyone asks… Hey friend… but no one asks how it is passing… !!

If you know that you are alive, get the essence of life quickly. Life is only a guest for a few moments and you cannot meet it a second time.

External enemies cannot do as much harm as internal enemies… !!

The ideas are different, I think… everyone is fond of the destination and I like paths .. This world is not bad because bad people are more here. Rather bad because the good people here are silent!