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As you know international women’s day is celebrated on March 8th every year and it is celebrated to show respect, Empowerment and women’s right. below we will be sharing everything about women’s day. if you have your own status related to womens day then feel free to comment below so that we will update the post and give the credits to you.


women asking for raises should not only know their value, but they should ask with the confidence that they are helping the company to be successful

Girls with dreams become women’s with vision Happy Women’s day

Just because a girl is beautiful and polite it doesn’t mean she is interested. It means she was raised right.

I’m not a weakling! Ur birth, Ur existence is because of me. I’m a women…

Where there is a women there is a magic… happy women’s day

When women’s supports each other Incredible things happen..

Let’s try and create a world where you don’t need a specific day to tell her that yes I’m proud of you…

Each time a women stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claming it, she stands up for all women.

Behind every successful woman is herself… Happy Women’s day

A men does what he can, A woman does what a man cannot

The kind of beauty I want most is the hard-to-get kind that comes from within strength, courage, Dignity…

She shines bright, she lights up the whole world… Happy Women’s day

The woman may forget the loving-loving person, But those who respect them never forget! Respect for women is the ultimate duty of everyone!

A woman has value in this world. A woman is a sister. Have a daughter, have a wife. This woman is nothing without a woman…Happy womens day

World is all woman, Slavery is still true…For them a living, Wins for everyone.

For the feeling of compassion and compassion in mind with great beauty, all its responsibilities. The graying of the family increases the face of the face Inner energy can always be more.

Woman is the luck of the world Still luck woman still alive….Yet the sacrifice is called woman


aurat pyaar-mohabbat karane vaale ko shaayad bhool jae, par ijzat karane vaalon ko kabhee nahin bhoolatee! naaree ka sammaan sabaka param kartavy hai!

aurat ka is duniya mein maan hai aurat ek bahan hai ek betee hai, ek patnee hai aurat ke bina yah jahaann kuchh bhee nahin hai

duniya hai aurat se saaree gulaamee phir bhee sahee hai inake lie hai jeena ek saja apanon ke lie jeetee hain. naaree divas kee badhaee!!

man mein mamata aur karuna ka bhaav lie badee hee khoobasooratee ke saath apanee sabhee jimmedaariyaan nibhaatee hai parivaar kee dhooree mahila chehare kee raunak soorat see badhaatee jae bheetar kee oorja sada damakaatee jae mahila divas kee haardik shubhakaamanaen.

aurat sansaar kee kismat hai phir bhee kismat kee maaree hai aurat aaj bhee jinda jalatee hai phir bhee kahalaatee kurbaanee hai.

hazaaro phool chaahie ek maala banaane ke lie, hazaaro deepak chaahie ek aaratee sajaane ke lie, hazaaro boond chaahie samudr banaane ke lie, par ek “stree” akelee hee kaaphee hai.. ghar ko svarg banaane ke lie… aapako mahila divas kee haardik badhaee

paapa kee vo laadalee, maan kee vo jaan, dil naadaan, par karatee hai, sabake lie apanee jaan kurbaan, hai bhaiyon kee muskaan, parivaar kee shaan, ye hai ek ladakee kee pahachaan..

duniyaan mein do shaktiyaan hai, ek talavaar kee ek kalam kee in dono ke beech mein kada mukaabala aur dush‍manee hai ek teesaree taakat hai jo donon se shaktishaalee hai, vo hai mahilaon kee taakat naaree shakti ko pranaam antarraashtreey mahila divas kee haardik shubhakaamanaen

aurat se hai yah duniya saaree phir bhee yah gulaamee sahatee hai, aurat ke lie hai jeena saja phir bhee vah jeee ja rahee hai, aurat sansaar kee kismat hai phir bhee kismat kee maaree hai, aurat aaj bhee zinda jalatee hai, phir bhee kahalaatee vah qurabaanee hai, aurat ke lie rona khata hai phir bhee vah har zulm sahatee hai, aurat ne janam diya mardon ko phir bhee vah kahalaatee pairon kee jootee hai!

din kee roshanee khvaabon ko banaane me gujar gaee, raat kee neend bachche ko sulaane me gujar gaee, jis ghar me mere naam kee takhatee bhee nahin, saaree umar us ghar ko sajaane me gujar gaee. mahila divas kee haardik badhaee!

jisane bas tyaag hee tyaag kie jo bas doosaron ke lie jie phir kyon usako dhikkaar do use jeene ka adhikaar do mahila divas kee shubhakaamanaen.