Wishes For Marriage Quotes-Invitation For Marriage Quotes

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Wishes For Marriage Quotes: May the god guide you through ur marriage life. Have a blessed and joyful family

Wishes For Marriage Quotes

As you blend your lives together with each other, I want to wish you a married life full of romance, cuddle and lifetime of happiness!

Wish u a lifetime of happiness 2gether and a love that grows stranger with each passing day

Congratulations 2 U both on your very special day May your wedding be filled with special memories you can treasure forever

All the warm wishes to you and your wife my god make your Love immortal and endless wedding congratulations

May the lord shower unlimited happiness, opulence, nd merriment in UR life. Happiest wedding wishes to my daughter

Wish U both a very happy Wedding in married life love spread everywhere. everything’s looks beautiful and new. Married life full of new feelings. Love each other. be together till life end. enjoy.

Happy days R 2 stay forever Just because U R together and brighter days are yet to come filled with laughter and fun! Congratulations on your wedding

Dear best friend best wishes to both of U on ur wedding may the future B bright, nd filled with all of the blessings nd joys of life. Congratulations

Congratulations on ur wedding wishing u everlasting love, joy nd happiness just like unending circle of your wedding rings

Marriage is beautiful time when two souls start to share one heart. Let your love for each other grow with every passing day. wish you a very happy married life.

Best wishes to U both on ur wedding may love that you share last your lifetime through as you make a wonderful pair

May ur marriage b filled with all the right ingredients a heap of love, a dash of human, a touch of romance, and a spoonful of understanding. May your how last forever

Congratulations on this special occasion! wishing you an amazing married life filled with happiness and joy

May the love and affection that brought u 2gether stay in your hearts forever keep on supporting and loving each other. wishing you happy wedding

Joy nd tears may interwine the hardships and struggles may come but ur love will make you survive I hope you would overcome them one by one and soar Best wishes on your wedding

Life is not where you live, the only thing matter is how and with whom you live. May you love happily with your life partner congrats on your wedding

I wish I were there to wish you good luck, however my time schedule is really tight, I shall make it up to some other day, Wish you a blessed, compatible and happy wedding

May god give U all blessings nd happiness 2gether nd love each other till the end. Wedding is a special moment in every1’s life, so enjoy that special moment wishes you a very happy wedding Spread love everywhere, giving you this card with love and happiness celebrate the day.

With the warmest wishes 2 a very special couple, may the bond of marriage unify your soul and bring out all that is good in the both of you

Dear brother Marriage is incredible. It’s able 2 make people experience things they thought they would never experience and learn things they through they would never know. Congratulations on ur wedding and lots of love

A lot of ups and downs will CUM in ur marriage but I know U R the kind of a man who will handle all challenges with maturity nd responsibility. I give U my best wishes 4 your marriage.

Wishes For Marriage Quotes

I pray 2 god to bless both of U with wonderful married life, filled with harmony, romance, and love

Dear sister May your marriage bloom like a flower every year, may there be only laughter and no tear in your life, make your life brighter with love happy married life

May love, harmony nd understanding B aims of your marriage union! congratulations!

Heartiest wishes on your wedding Keep the bond strong with your love, care, trust, faith, understanding, patience and respect for each other god bless you both have a very happy married life

Life is full of new beginnings nd as u make one 2gether, here’s wishing that it brings U the happiness that U ever dreamt of!

You’d B holding each other’s hands 4 a lifetime take care of each other and enjoy this sweet journey. congratS wishing U a very happy married life

We hope with all our heart, that your marriage is more beautiful than your wedding has been today

Here’s and eternal wish for a life filled with lots of love, happiness, prosperity and togetherness A very happy married life 2 the most handsome couple

Wishing you lots of love and happiness together may every day of your life hereafter hold wonderful shared experiences

Dear brother thinking of you today with loving best wishes, as you reflect on all the wonderful memories of ur past together nd of future dreams together

The time files and things change, but I wish that your love for each other would stay unchangeable

I would like 2 congratulate both of you on ur wedding anniversary, may god bless U nd fill your life with more love nd happiness

It seems like yesterday ITSELF we were playing ‘housE’ in OUR backyard, nd now u get to do it in real life. I couldn’t be happier for you both. Congratulations

May good times nd treasure of the present become golden memories of 2morrow. Wish U lots of love, joy and happiness.

A special wish 4 a lovely couple may the love that blossoms in your hearts this day B just the foundation upon which larger movements of togetherness are to be built

There is no more lovely, friendly relationship, communion or company than a good marriage.

Wishes For Marriage Quotes

With the warmest wishes 2 a very special couple, may the bond of marriage unify ur souls nd bring out all that is good in the both of you

As U venture into a new journey of life holding each other’s hands with vow of love, devotion, and loyalty. Wishes that the fragrance of your love keeps spreading with time

A wedding wish for 2 special person love is best when shared by 2. You know that 2gether your stronger, together you are one have a wonderful married life

You are a wonderful couple, praying your years together are full of love, joy and blessings.

I do are the two words that bind two hearts for a lifetime. Congratulations on your wedding day! You’re such a lovely couple. Best wishes too!

May the bond of your love be strengthened all times. Keep the faith, love and trust with one another

Sorry for being late but i guess it is better late than never congratulations on your wedding

Best wishes to the both of you may you have a marriage full of love, peace and prosperity

May this be a beautiful beginning for a wonderful life you are a special couple you complete each other in so many ways May warm and special memories brighten your day today and always. congrats on your wedding

Love always binds two hearts in perfect unity. Love is foundation of any. Today, we celebrate your love that will last for eternity.

Bliss to fill your souls, peace to fill your spirits, joys to full the home and love to full your hearts, i wish all these things for both of you on the auspicious day of starting your married life

wish I could be there on your special day here’s sending you my blessings to say may your wedding bring you endless joy and everlasting happiness congratulations!

Wishes For Marriage Quotes

A happy marriage has in it all the pleasure of friendship, all the enjoyment of sense and reason- and indeed all the sweet of life

From my heart of heart, I want to wish you a super day as you finally agree to take a wife. May heaven’s best rest on you today, and always. Happy wedding life

Finally two souls become one and two heats beat as one all the very best for your future and happy married life

I am so ready nd immensely happy 2 welcome a new member 2 our family I wish U A good health wealth, and long-lasting married life

Like the sun, may you both shines, like body and soul, B ur unbreakable bond, like rose nd fragrance, be your life 2gether, like air and water, B your life without strife. may U be the best couple on earth have a harmonious and loving life ahead. happy married life

A pleasant childhood will B left behind for a new future filled with love dipped in affection 4 both of you. wishing you both a great nd a blissful life ahead. congratulations on UR wedding

Wishes For Marriage Quotes

The love you share, in immense nd sweet. May ur love never fade away I wish you a marriage filled with loads of joy. love nd care. may your feelings nd emotions for each other only grow deep and strong with time. All the best 4 the times ahead. Congratulations on your wedding

To my dear friends on your big day! Wishing you both a long future together filled with love and laughter, congratulations!

Congratulations on your marriage. may the things U loved about each other from the start be the glue that holds you 2gether forever

As you begin ur new life together, may you look forward to all of the seasons of life 2gether from the spring of youth 2 the winter of age. wishing that all of ur memories will B as sweet as the 1 from today. congratulations

Today you are starting a life together. You have to always take care on each other for a lifetime. Happy married life!

May ur marriage cup always be brimming, ur love light never dimming, as U dine at the table of life. happy married life

when two souls become one, life is all the more fun, on ur special day my only wish for U is, that U stay blessed and loved all through, congrats on your wedding day

Two souls sharing a single thought 2 hearts sharing a single beat U are the light of my life and smile

Dear friend U R 2 beautiful people, now teamed as a man nd a wife. Congratulations on tying the knot! take a moment 2 njoy all the special memories that U both will remember for the rest of your lives

Mubarak on your wedding nd lots of love! always B together and makes true all the desires and freaks of the life. may Allah bless you

Two people, 2lives, I love enjoy love that grows and knows no end! congratulations on your wedding

May happiness find U in every corner of the globe as U begin your new life together congratulations

Best wishes for a fun-filled future together. We are as happy as you are guys! Have a good day and a greater tomorrow

Wishes For Marriage Quotes

I can’t express in words THAT how happy I am, for my brother/sister marriage. now go and win your partner’s life

My son your marriage has given immense joy nd V couldn’t be happier than this U have our best wishes 4 an amazing married life

Best and heartfelt wishes 2 my dearest son for getting married. congratulations on finding your dream partner

In sweet companionship and love with hearts of faith and cheer, together may you keep the road through many a happy year

On this start of something beautiful! much love, health nd happiness to U both on this happy occasion

We just want to tell you that V R not losing our daughter but V R gaining another wonderful son. On behalf of the ENTIRE family, V wish U a lifetime of happiness

It is filing me with utmost delight that finally, u have found the man with whom you like to spend the rest of ur life. Congratulations my lovely-dovely daughter

May everything you ever hoped for be in the man you chose to spend the rest of your life with congratulations my friend

Joy and tears may intertwine the hardships nd struggles may come but ur love will make you survive I hope you’ s overcome them one by one. and soar best wishes on your wedding

Heartiest congratulations on ur marriage may your marriage be like a cloudless night sky filled with sparkling stars of love, joy and care

May your dawns greet u with hope ur nights bring your warmth your years be delightful and blessed each moment of your life

Wishes For Marriage Quotes

Congratulations, my beautiful friend. I hope ur marriage is full of happiness and good surprises

Only choose in marriage a man whom you would choose as a friend if he were a woman congrat

As U set off 4 a new life together. Here’s wishing your smiles for every mile you cross together have a very happy and contented married life

Two lives joined together two heats that beat as one as you begin your life together may all UR days B filled with love and a may all your dreams come true

Now at last they were beginning chapter 1 of the greatEST story no 1 on THE earth has ever read. Which goes on 4ever in which every chapter is better than the 1 before

May U share your secrets your aspirations, your dreams and your wishes with your loving partner and travel together through the journey of life-fulfilling then have a wonderful married life

This is just a friendly reminder that this brand new can belongs more to me than your I am going to travel a hell lot of places with you now congratulations

Marriage isn’t a walk in the park, but I know just how strong you can be congratulations sweetheart may you have such sweet joyous years to come

Always remember to fell each other’s heart and soul wishing you a happy married life love your congratulations

There R few who are so lucky 2 have the things U do, championship and friendship, and loving fillings, too as friends we wish these pleasures will last forevermore, for we know that u will ever b a couple whom we adore wishing you a happy married life

Love is not as simple as candlelight nd roses love is day-to-day living, taking time. making time 2 B there. With open arms nd a giving heart love is the special life V share

Have a good and godly marriage that shows the world Christ’s love through how U sacrificially love nd serve one another.

Congratula on finding each other ur greatest adventure has just begun wish you a long, preposterous and fulfilling marital life

Let me tell you the secret of a ‘Happy Married Life’ and that is simply being moderate, kind, understanding, caring and loving to your companion

I can’t think of anyone else who complements each other the way you both do. you are a match made in heaven

May the path to forever be filled with love and happiness I wish you all the best on your wedding congrats

My heartfelt congratulations for THE newly married couple. May ur life blossom with colours and flowers

May your marriage forever prosper and flourish. May you continue to grow together. happy married life

Now you’re a woman don’t ever dwell in the shadows of a young lady anymore now you have a Hassie responsibility which is your husband

May the collage of ur married life b filled with colourful pictures of happy memories congratulations