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Maha shivaratri 2019 Date = 4th March


Bhole ki leela mein mujhe doob jane do shiv ke charno mein shish jhukane do aaj hai shivratri mere bhole baba ke gret gane do happy Shivratri

shiv kee shakti se; shiv kee bhakti se; khushiyon kee bahaar mile; mahaadev kee krpa se; aap sab doston ko jindagee mein pyaar mile. mahaashivaraatri ke paavan aphasar par shubh kaamanaen!

Niraash nahin karate bas ek baar sache man se bhole shankar se fariyaad karo !! jay bhole jay bhandaaree teree hai mahima nyaaree !!

Akaal mrtyu vo mare jo karm kare chhandaal ka ,,, kaal usaka ky kare jo bhakt ho mahaakaal ka, om om jay bhole naath.

mein hee aastha, om mein hee vishvaas, om mein hee shakti, om mein hee saara sansaar, om se hotee hai achchhe din ki shuruvaat bolo om namah shivaay… haippee shivaraatri! jay bholenaath…

ek phool ek bel patr ek lota jal kee dhaar kare sabake jeevan ka uddhaar….om namah shivaayah

tan kee jaane, man kee jaane, jaane chit kee choree us mahaakaal se kya chhipaave jisake haath hai sab kee doree 🌺🌺 jay shree mahaakaal 🌺🌺 har-har mahaadev

shivaraatri kuchh is tarah sai, phir dekhana shiv prasann hote hai shubh bhaavon kai saja lain phool, tod phenkana napharat kai shool. om nam: shivaay mahaashivaraatri kee haardik shubhakaamanaayen

shiv kee mahima apaar; shiv karate sabaka uddhaar; unakee krpa aap par sada banee rahe; aur aapake jeevan mein aayen khushiyaan hazaar.

bhole kee bhakti mein doob jaayenge bhole ke charanon mein sheesh jhukaayenge aaj hai shivaraatri ka tyauhaar aaj shiv kee mahima ka gunagaan gaayenge mahaashivaraatri kee aapake parivaar ko haardik shubhakaamanaayen

shiv kee shakti shiv kee bhakti, khushee kee bahaar mile shivaraatri ke pavan avasar par, aapako zindagee kee ek achchhee naee shuruvaat mile, haippee shivaraatri 2019

jagah-jagah mein shiv hain har jagah mein shiv hai, hai vartamaan shiv aur bhavishy bhee shiv hain, aap sabhee ko maha shivaraatri kee haardik shubhakaamanae..!

bhole baaba ka aashirwad mile aapko, unki dua ka prasaad mile aapko, aap kare apanee jindagee mein khoob tarakkee, aur har kisee ka pyaar mile aapko. jay bhole shiv shankar baba ki jay.

shiv kee mahima aparampaar! shiv karate sabaka udhaar, unakee krpa aap par sada banee rahe, aur bhole shankar aapake jeevan mein khushiyaan hee khushiyaan bhar de. om namah shivaay haippee mahaashivaraatri.

banee rahe shiv jee kee aap par maaya palat jaaye aapake kismat kee kaaya jindagee mein aap haasil karen vo mukaam jo aaj tak kisee ne nahin paaya jay bhole Shankar

bhole shankar ka aasheervaad mile unakee daya ka prasaad mile aap paayen jeevan mein saphalata aapako bhole shankar ka varadaan mile

mahaashivaraatri ke upalaksh par shiv aur shakti ke milan kee haardik shubhakaamanaayen

bhole aayen aapake dvaar bhar den jeevan mein khushiyon kee bahaar na rahe jeevan mein koee bhee duhkh har or fail jaaye sukh hee sukh haippee mahaashivaraatri dosto

shiv kee shakti shiv ka jaap aur khushiyon ka sansaar mile is shivaraatri ke utsav par aapako kaamayaabee kee nayee shuruaat mile

jo kahe “om namah shivaay” usaka sab kasht door ho jaay om namah shivaay (mahaashivaraatri kee shubhakaamanaayen)

bhole baaba kee pooja karenge tabhee saare bigade kaam banenge jay bhole Shankar

saara jagat hai prabhu teree sharan mein sar jhukaate hain shiv tere charan mein ham banen bhole kee charanon kee dhool aao shiv jee par chadhaayen shraddha ke phool

shivaraatri ke is pavitr utsav par saphalata aur samraddhi ka damaroo hamesha aapake oopar bajata rahe jay bholeshankar

Mahashivaratri ke is parv par aap sabhee par bhagavaan shankar aur maan aadishakti kee krpa banee rahe… happy mahashivaratri to you and your family

shiv kee bhakti se noor milata hai sabake dilon ko sukoon milata hai jo bhee leta hai dil se bhole ka naam use bhole ka aasheervaad jaroor milata hai jay bholenaath haippee maha shivaratri

Absolute stillness and ultimate movement are the nature of shiva– and that is the way…

let us celebrate the Maha Shivaratri night. The night of Shiva–parvati union.Happy Shivaratri

Shiva  ka bani rahe aap per chaya palat de jo apki kismet ki kaya mile aapko wo sab is apni zindagi mein jo kabhi kisi ne bhi na paya Happy Mahashivaratri

On this pious occasion of MahaShivaratri many many greetings to all of you, May Lord Shiva shower on you his blessings with happiness, prosperity & peace

Shankar ki jyoti se parkesh milta hai bhakti ka eeshwar mein wishvaas milta hai jo karta hai darshan shiva ka dil se use ke ghar mein shiv vaas karta hai happy shivratri to you!

May lord shiva answer all your prayers on Maha Shivaratri & always. OM Namah Shivaya

Is shubh avasar par shiv shankar ka aasheervaad aap sabhee ke saath ho. unakee shaanadaar divy aur dayaalu visheshataen hamen apanee kshamataon kee yaad dilaatee hain aur khud ko oonchaiyon tak le jaane ka prayaas karatee hain. haippee maha shiv ratri

Shiva Ki jyoti se nor milta hai sabke dilon ko saroor milta hao, job hi jata bholey ke dwaar, kuch na kuch zarror milta hai

saara jahaan hai jisakee sharan mein naman hai ush shiv jee ke charan mein, bane ush shivajee ke charanon kee dhul, aao mil kar chadhaaye ham shraddha ke phool………

Baaba se dua karate hai kee vo aapako vo saaree khushiyaan de jo aap chaahate hain, baaba ka haath sada aapake sheesh par bana rahe happy mah shivratri 2019…

Akal mrityu vo mare jo karm kare chandaal ka kaal uska kya kare jo bhakat ho Mahakal ka

Shiva is shakti. Shakti is Shiva. Nothing is everything and everything is nothing

Sai shiva Omkara har har shiva onkara brahma Vishnu sadashiv arddagni dhara. Om hara hara Mahaadeva…


Maha Shivratri is a very powerful prayer it is said that by reading or listening to the story once sins are destroyed and the soul is turned towards God and self-realization.

Lord Brahma originally told the story to his benevolent son Naradhji and it is recorded in the shift maha piranha Lord Shiva is the form of the eternal infinite in everlasting energy of the universe.

This energy manifests in the form of Brahma Vishnu and Rudra another name for Shiva in order to create maintain and destroy the world. The cycle of creation sustaining and destruction has happened many times before it is happening now and will continue to happen into eternity.

It is said that during every cycle of creation nor Vishnu and Lord Brahma is reborn on Mars Shiv Ratri manifesting from Lord Shiva’s divine energy. The cutter of the marsh of Wrath restarts when Lord Shiva a mother Parvati visited the sacred Amarnath caves as Martha Parvati looked lovingly towards her husband Lord Shiva.

His garland of skulls caught her eye and aroused her curiosity dearest beloved she began god of gods Mahadev through my prayers and meditation I have come to know all about you and your captivating form the enchanting crescent moon in your hair comes from the time when the oceans of the world would churn to retrieved on earth the gods nectar of immortality with the amaranth precious jewels and gems were uncovered but also a bitter acrid poison so deadly it could have annihilated the world caring not for yourself you tranq this poison to save the universe collecting it in your neck.

Even though it burned and raged through your body to this day has stained your neck blue earning you the name of Neil the one with the blue neck to negate the poisons ill affect you plucked the crescent moon from the churning waters and placed it upon your brow where its magical healing properties soothe and calm your mind through great austerities and prayers.

Sage Bhagirath attain the river Ganges from heaven to flow on earth and cleanse people of their sins but when their vegan girl left heaven for Earth she came down in such a torrent that she threatened to destroy the world again you came to the rescue catching her in your matted locks and holding her securely happily.

She resides there even to this day and springs forth as gentle streams trickling to earth in your hands you hold a mighty trident to fight and destroy any and all evil to subdue the poisons of the world you adorn yourself with venomous snakes about your neck and arms the dermal drum you love shows your Nataraj the king of song and dance through your divine dance you bring the world to an end ready to be born in you your body is covered in ash collected from funeral pyres to remind us of the mortality of flesh from dust we are born and to dust we return like hash you are immortal and omnipotent Co devotees need have no fear of death as you are always there to guide and protect them.

The enchanting image of your standing serene in your dance pose is depicted and honored by your followers more so as they see you quash the demon of ignorance assuring them that you are always ahead of your devotees to ease their path to salvation wearing animal skin upon your body shows you are the Lord of every living Beast every animal is under your care. Even they can come to you and attain moksha knowing all this about you I’m still at a loss to understand why you wear a garland of skulls while bhavati was speaking to doves settled on a nearby tree and started to listen to this conversation intrigued by Martha’s question they waited to hear Lord Shiva’s reply.

Lord Shiva smiled to himself and said “Dearest Parvati the secret of nature and the universe lies in the answer to this question and I do not wish for it to be disclosed”. He was not satisfied with this reply it only increased her resolve to know the answer until now she urged you have withheld no secrets from me why would hold the answer now again Lord Shiva smiled to himself realizing poverty would not abate.

He replied great sages and Saints meditate for thousands of years to learn the answer to this question would you have me give you the answer just like that how does that seem just all fair. But mother Parvati continued to persist until Lord Shiva side if you really wish to know the answer then I will tell you but you must promise to be brave remain detached and not regret or ponder on your previous human existence the skulls I wear around my neck I have collected from all your previous incarnations every time.

The universe has begun a new cycle of creation you have materialized from my divine energy as a girl a woman who spends her life devoted in prayer and meditation upon me. In return I have accepted and honored you as my consort my beloved wife in this current lifecycle of the universe you were born as princess sati the daughter of Prajapati Daksha your constant unfailing devotion to me drew us together and in time we were married.

But that she did not approve of our union and resented you for marrying me to demean us even further he decided to hold on Maha yoga a great prayer ceremony inviting Vishnu Brahma God’s sages and Saints to attend everyone except us despite my objections you attended the yoga where you were so disappointed and hurt by your father’s insults towards me that you sacrificed yourself in a sacred fire and died I was enraged devastated at your loss my pain and anguish was such that I was ready to destroy the world Prajapati Daksha was punished for his actions

but it brought no solace as you were lost tormented with grief I collected your remains and wandered aimlessly throughout the universe in despair I wandered lost for eons oblivious to the world carrying you until nothing remained in my arms and then I resolved to enter a state of deep meditation the last girl on this precious link belongs to Sofia Devi Parvathi everyone who is born from a mother and father I destined to meet the god of death and die but you were always born in the form of my beloved and I could not bear to be parted from you every time your incarnation passed away I collected your skull and kept it close to my heart waiting for the time we would be together again as nothing is more precious to me than you to date you have lived 108 lives dearest love understand that I am an immortal life force I am omnipotent and omnipresent I have never been born and I will never die on the request of Vishnu and Brahma I take the form of Maha dev and reside upon Mount Kailash time after time the world has followed the cycle of birth and death I manifest Vishnu and Brahma to sustain and maintain this cycle as we three are everlasting Brahma creates the universe Vishnu sustains the universe and at the end of time I as Nataraja destroy the universe though nothing remains after my divine dance my energy my lifeforce is still present it is eternal and everlasting it is infinite divine and from this energy the cycle begins again this dear Parvathi is the secret of nature and the universe mother Parvati was so overwhelmed by shifties reply that she wanted to learn more she asked Lord Shiva to explain how he created the current time cycle what thoughts influence this current world shiv ji explained dear Parvathi you and I are one and the same you have been created from one half of the universal divine energy and I from the other together we are are the Nareesha in the beginning this bright divine energy created a splendorous being gifted with humility kindness honor and wisdom his skin was the color of blue evening sky and he possessed forearms on manifesting he folded his hands in respect and asked Who am I and what is my name the divine energy replied your name is Vishnu Lord of all people everyone will know you as God though you will be known by many names to realize your true self you must meditate and focus your mind to attain self-realization only then will we appear before you so saying the divine energy disappeared Vishnu started to meditate he concentrated so hard that he began to perspire the perspiration grew into a notion that submerged him and within these waters Vishnu fell into a deep sleep while he slept a lotus plant grew from his navel and flowered here I placed another Divine Being Lord Brahma he dressed in red robes and possessing four arms was also in a state of meditation at some point Lord Vishnu and Brahma became aware of each other and overwhelmed by my energy they began to argue as to who was their creator who was their father Vishnu suggested that he was promised father as Brahma had appeared on the lotus flower from his navel but they still could not agree unable to reach an answer they traveled throughout the oceans of the universe to find their father when all their efforts failed they started to argue again to quell this argument I appear before them as a spirit from my Vishnu a wonderstruck confounded by my radiance and requested that I pay before them in a form they could perceive at this request form was created before them it divided into several parts and transformed into the for Veda the Rig Veda Yajur Veda sama Veda and artha Veda and the brahma vidya these scriptures are the basis of all creation the world abides by the law and dictum of the four vedas and 18 boron this knowledge is pure everlasting and indestructible part of ëthey this is my body and soul Brahma uses this knowledge to create and begin the time cycle Vishnu uses this knowledge to nurture and maintain the time cycle and at the appropriate time I bring the time cycle to an end when Brahma and Vishnu witnessed all this they were overcome and humbly requested us to appear in a form they could recognize and honor in response we materialized Shakti and Shiv and said use this knowledge to take responsibility for the nurture and well-being of the universe do not succumb to worldly illusion and pride but remain humble honorable and virtuous in time to come I will appear as Rudra on mark Kailash and you my power and energy would be born as city daughter of King Prajapati Daksha after the demise of sati you were born many years later as part of ethey the daughter of King Himalaya and Queen Meena as Parvati you underwent severe penance performing deep meditation and arduous prayers that lasted thousands of years before we were finally united in marriage now we are together we will never be parted again this my love completes the story of how this time cycle was created along with Parvathi the two doves heard this story and were blessed becoming immortal and went on to live in shiv puri the abode of Lord Shiva whomsoever listens to this cutter with love and devotion will have the protection and guidance of Lord Shiva their troubles will come to an end and they will become free of the material bonds om namah shivay