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Happy Friendship Day: Friendship Day was started by Joyce Salle, the founder of Hallmark Cards in 1930, intended to be August 2 and a day when people celebrated their friendships with holiday celebrations.


Friendship Day was promoted by the National Greeting Card Association during the 1920s but met resistance from consumers – since it was too obviously a commercial gimmick for promoting greeting cards.

Happy Friendship Day

By the 1940s the Friendship Day cards in the United States reduced and the holiday mostly died there. No evidence for Friendship Day adoption in Europe; however, it was kept alive and revitalized in Asia, where several countries adopted,.

World Friendship Day was initially proposed on July 20, 1958, by Dr. Ramon Artemio Bracho while having dinner with some of his friends in Puerto Pinasco, a town on the Paraguay River about 200 miles north of Asuncion, Paraguay.

From this humble reunion of friends, the Crusade Global Friendship was born

In honor of the Friendship in 1998, Nane Annan, wife of UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, appointed Winnie the Pooh as Friendship Ambassador to the United Nations to the world.

On July 20, Argentines, Brazilians, and Uruguayans celebrate Friend’s Day. Paraguay and Spain celebrate it on July 30. Peru has chosen the first Saturday of July. And in India, they pay tribute to Friendship on the first Sunday of August.

However, official recognition came from the United Nations General Assembly in 2011, when it proclaimed July 30 as International Friendship Day,

“Life isn’t about having a thousand friends, it’s about finding the very few right ones you need.”

Some friends recognize each other with exchanges of gifts and cards on this day. Friendship groups are very popular in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and some areas of South America. Friendship Day is celebrated also online.

The marketing of Friendship Day celebrations has led to some being dismissed as “marketing gimmick”. Then, it is celebrated on the first Sunday in August instead of July 30. However, on July 27, 2011, the 65th session of the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed July 30 “International Day of Friendship”.

The resolution 65/275 voted by the United Nations insists on the participation of young people and that of future country leaders, in activities that involve different cultures and promote understanding between countries and communities and respect for diversity.

The UN encourages governments, NGOs and individuals to organize all kinds of events, activities, and initiatives that contribute to the efforts of the international community to promote dialogue among civilizations, solidarity, mutual understanding, and reconciliation.

Friendship opens our hearts and our intelligence. It is invaluable wealth, but it is never an end in itself or an absolute because it is founded on the truth. It’s not just about being good together, but also about doing good together.

Perhaps this is the criterion for a solid and positive friendship: a healthy and serene friendship that leaves everyone free and stimulates them to give the best of themselves.

Helping each other to progress, isn’t that the best of friends? “A faithful friend is priceless, we cannot estimate its value”: a friend, a true one, is a gift from God

Friendship Day Status


A close friend is:

  • For 83% of people in the world, it is above all someone who can be counted on.
  • For 65% of respondents, it is a person with whom you can be yourself without being afraid of being judged.
  • For 56% of us, a friend is mostly someone who shares the same values ​​and opinions.
  • 61% of respondents have found childhood friends thanks to social networks.
  • 40% of us use Facebook or Twitter to wish birthdays to send a little word of congratulations to their friends.


“A friend does not walk before you so you can follow, he walks beside you so he can catch you before you fall. Happy Friendship Day”

True friendship is possible when the silence between two people is comfortable.

Friendship is a sweet responsibility… Never an opportunity..

When you walk into their house, and your WiFi connects automatically. This is True Friendship

Dear friend, people are celebrating Friendship Day but we won’t because we celebrate life together.

Friendship is not a princely state; life is not a bane of anyone. In our state of power, we must take steps because our friendship is not a prisoner of life.

Life will not remain forever. The friendship will remain; money will not remain; memories will always stay in your life

You stole the heart from the heart, and you made yourself despite being far away, you will never be able to forget a friend because you have taught to be friends.

Love and friendship are my life, and love is my soul, and friendship is my faith, love my whole life in love, but my love for friendship is also sacrificed.

It has been a time of love for friends, and it seems as if it has been free time, I wish I could find time for friends

He is a friend of friends, that happy moment, no more than yesterday. He used to spend his time in life, and today he spends time of life.

Time and happiness will be your slaves. Every moment and aspect will be your name, just look at my mood, my friend, under your every step will be the marks of my hands.

Of course, we got the wait for some time, but I got more than God, I have no desire for any heaven, I got that love from your friend.

People say that no one gets God on the ground; maybe those people do not make friends like you !!

If confused, do not hide from us. If you do not give your tongue, tell me with eyes… !! We are with you at every step, and you have made friends, so definitely show the right .. !!

If you answer, you will not talk, if you do, you will wait, friendship is with you, so till death, you will remember every moment.

What a beautiful thing friendship is, but it is also very rare for a small number of people who get caught up in life, understand that life is very close to them.

Friendship is just coincidence, friendship is not seen, it is the day, it is night, it is just honesty and emotion!

We need to talk to every friend, every friend wants to keep us happy, no one remembers us or not in life, but it is our duty to remember every friend.

You are a heavy book from the pages of friendship; you are a rose in the flowers of relationships; some people say that friends are not real; every question of theirs should be answered.

Friendship is a feeling that is not erased. Friendship is the mountain that does not bend, what is its value, ask me, it is that precious fat that does not sell.

Flowers should be inhabited by you in the valley.

What is friendship, we have seen you, what is friendship, what has happened, we have seen you, you may forget us, but we are smiling for you on our friend.

Friend, your friendship is very dear to me, I pray for your friendship all my life, don’t you like me, then it’s your turn to message again.

Your friendship is enough for you, all the age is enough, whenever you meet, it is enough for me to smile.

There is no word to say, no new word to send, but &  heart &  Let’s say one thing, take care of yourself.

I found your friendship like my friend, and God has given us a glance.

Flowers that you live in the valley, your house should be in the courtyard of the moon stars, it is a heartfelt blessing from a friend of another friend that you are more beautiful than you.

You will have everything in your mind, the township is small but will be settled, even if we forget the world, but this lovely friendship of yours will always be remembered.

All friends in the world are not the same, some are not their own, some have played friendship with you, then it is realized, who says that the stars are not on the ground.

If you do not have friends, who will pay the duty of friendship, if we were not there, then who will remember you, God always bless you, or who will pray for our safety.

What is friendship, have you ever thought, friends, you have come to know the spirit of friendship. Friendship not to print paper, friendship not to photograph. Friendship words don’t sound like a statement,

Friendships are not meant to be wall-o-rate. The friendship ground is for long misery, friendship is here for the strength of the spirits.

The relationship of friendship joins the two Anjano, every step turns the life into a naya, a true friend accompanies, when he leaves his shadow.

Friendship is needed by humans! Friendship is true on the hearts! I am alive because of your love! Otherwise, God needs us too!

Everyone considers the destination difficult, we consider the difficulty as the destination, there is a lot of difference between us and all of us, we consider all life as friends and we as friends.

Friendship is an example where there is no border, it is a city where there are no buildings, here all the roads come out of each other’s heart, this is a court where there is no complaint.

Never say what these beats tell you, then even the breaths are not known to him, very much, hey this relationship of our friendship, pray that no one will ever notice it.

If you go away, just do it, never let your heart fail. We will return wherever we are, only to obey our friendship.

There is never a relationship better than friendship, no one in the world can erase it, we have this same relationship with you, which even this world cannot erase.

When tears are shed, you realize how sad life is without friends, life is as long as your friends, such a friend said that someone has.

“I just can’t thank the heavens enough for putting you in my life”

Do not confess to separation from anyone in the land, do not ever cry with this friend, when you do not feel heartbroken in our friendship, do not ever be disloyal without telling.

What are those friends who do not pray for a friend, never forget you, God will never do such a thing, your friendship will become one of my life, it is a different matter that life should not be a blessing to me.

Your friendship taught us to laugh in sorrow, learned to live my lonely life, how to say what the price is with you, with you, I learned to smile my eyes.

Every tear does not mean sorrow, being distant is not ending the relationship, every time comes your cue, there is no season of memories of friends.

We would never have known friendship, if you had not come in our life, you would have passed the life if you had not considered your dear friend.

Hearts never separate from the heart, only we do not float on anyone, friendship is more than love, because friends are never unfaithful.

Love is a shikwa, friendship is a passion, love gets tricked every time, and friendship gets a chance again and again.

Do not want to live in difficult times, do not want to stay away from you now, you have thousands of friends in this world, but you do not want to lose a friend like you.

Every single moment of today is beautiful, my heart is only yours, there is no sorrow for the world to say anything, more than the world, your friendship is needed today.

This friendship is only a coincidence, but it is a meeting of two hearts, friendship does not see that it is the day of the night, it is just loyalty and emotion.

When you were lonely in a huge crowd, then nobody thought in your fate, one day in life you became my friend, then felt that there was something special in the line of hands.

There should never be any distance in Milo’s distance, no matter how strong it is, it is my wish that we remain friends throughout our lives, may you also pray that these prayers are not incomplete.

Friendship does not test, faith demands nothing and friend’s friend, life demands nothing but for you, it demands thousand

It is very beautiful with you, make it our luck with it, what else does it need in the world, whom you have found friendship….

Friends assure you on trust, friends make fools on the way, friends drink friends with syrup, but friends who say anything miss the friend.

Time changes, life changes with life Time does not change with friends Just friends change with

Sometimes friendship is untold, sometimes friendship is the medicine of sorrow, there is a shortage of worshipers, otherwise friendship is inscribed on the ground.

Keep trying to keep friendship with us at every turn, but never be far away, even if you are persecuted throughout your life.

You consider your friendship as a favor, believe it to be your faith but we are not the ones who will give their life in friendship because we consider friends to be our lives.

Some people make memories a picture of the heart, decorate memories in the memories of friends, we are a little different, who remind them before they remember anyone.

Pain-a-heart separation is not a favor, everyone is not worthy of the precious thing, it is a favor to the Lord, otherwise friend is not everyone’s luck

Your friendship is the destination of life’s storm, your friendship is the destination of heart’s desires

“Friendship is made up of people from different backgrounds, different cultures, different walks, who come together to learn, share and have fun”.

Manly, United States


International Friendship Day is celebrated in different styles depending on the country and culture of the people involved. Some choose to have parties where they get together with their friends and share a meal as they relive some of their memories.

In other parts, people present to each other with gifts that often convey their gratitude through symbolism, something friends remember.

Besides the holidays, others take their time camping in nature with friends and creating better memories. Most campsites offer discounts at this time of year to allow people to make the most of their time with their friends

You can chat, watch movies inspired by friendship, play Invisible Friend, or share activities that everyone likes. And you can also share the photos and videos that you take together