Best funny status for whatsapp-Top Funny whatsapp status for all

Whatsapp has become a very common medium of comminication these days. People have an option to change their profile images. There is another option which everyone likes is Whatsapp Status.. Here we have gathered the Best funny status for whatsapp for you. Please read, share and enjoy.

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✅??#maa and beti?? tumhe शादी ke liye kaisa लड़का chahiye

✅??#i want?? someone to give me a loan and then?? leave me alone

✅??#my secret?? My talent is getting tired without?? doing anything!!

✅??#Don’t kiss?? behind the garden love is blind?? but the neighbors

are not:)

✅??#i want to get close with you like ??shoes with laces?? teeth with

braces or a sentence without spaces

✅??EK ghar mein 1 ??i love you aur dusra i ??miss you rehta tha

i miss you ??chala gaya aur ghar me kon?? bacha?

??#one?? day you will thank yourself for?? not giving up

✅??#A simple?? smile. that the start of popening?? your heart and

being comoassionate to others

✅??I #don’t?? always study but when i do,”I make ??sure my parents

notice me.

✅??#Uncle:beta?? padhai kaisi चल रही हैं…?

BOY:bass uncle, ??chalte-chalte muji se बहुत दूर?? चली गयी…”

✅??#life taught ??me many lessons but i bunked even those?? classes too.

✅??#they?? gave me questions i don’t know i gave them ??answers which they don’t know!

✅??#teacher.?? just5 marks aaye hai aur tum hans?? रहे हो?

✅ME:main toh?? yeh soch kr hans raha hun ke yeh 5 bhi?? कैसे आ गया..

✅??#exam?? to shanti se de di hai na जाने results ke??din kya bawaal होगा

✅??#my bestie?? is not replying on time i want?? a divorce

✅??#all my life?? i thought air was freee.. until i bought a?? chips packet

✅??#life is ??beautiful only from friday to monday??.

✅??#happineness?? is when last seen to online and then?? to typing

✅??#happiness?? is knocking always on your door you just?? gotta let it in

✅??#the past?? is your lesson the present is your gift?? and the future

is your motivation

✅??#karam what goes around ??comes around keep your circle POSITIVE say like ??good thoughts do good deeds

✅??#life is too?? short, so smile while u still ??have teeth

✅??#my secret?? talent is getting tired without?? even doing anything

✅??#never let your?? best friends get lonely keep?? disturbing them often.

✅??#having?? one child makes you a parent having two? then you?? are a referee

✅??#not all?? marriages start with will u marry me some also??start with “am pregnant”

✅??#my bed is a magical?? place where i suddeniy remember everthing??which I forgot to do

✅??#you are the one?? reason why I wake every?? morning

✅??#i’m not ??lazy i just really enjoy ??doing nothing else.

✅??#always ??remember_you are ^unique just like?? everyone else

✅??#ye zindagi ??aaj nahi to kal guzar hi jaigi per teri kami?? काम hi reh जाएगी

✅??#har shakhs ki?? qadar करो क्या पता कल tumhe maafi maangne?? ka moqa bhi na mile

✅??#If you can’t?? convince them, or confuse ??them

✅✅Whenever I find??key to success, someone will change?? the lock.

✅??#I can?? handle pain until ??it really hurts.

✅??#Even fools?? seems to be smart when they are?? quiet

✅??#If I ever?? need a heart transplant, would want my ex’s. Bcoz It’s never?? been used.

✅??#A clean?? house is the sign of a broken?? computer.

✅??#Two wrongs?? don’t make a right, take your parents?? as an example

✅??#I’m really?? good at stuff until people watch me?? doing that stuff.

✅??#My job is?? secure. No one else?? wants it.

✅??#For maximum ??attention, nothing beats a ??good mistake.

✅??#Whatever ??you do always give 100 %. Unless if you are?? donating blood.


My wife told me?? to go out and get something that makes ✅her look ✅sexy… so I got drunk.
✅??#Do not?? take life too seriously. ✅You will never get out ??of it alive.
✅??#My wallet is ??like onion, opening it ✅makes ??me cry
✅??#I love my ??job only when ✅I am on?? vacation
✅??#Don’t Live Your Life on?? ✅Assumptions!! They are Best kept for ??✅Physics and Maths!!

✅??#It must?? be ✅difficult to post inspirational ✅status when your ??✅blood type is B Negative.